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pure \ pyur \ adj. 1– being something without qualification. 2– a substance or concept existing in a state which is free from extraneous matter. 3–  free from any trace of the lewd or salacious. 4– conforming to a high standard of morality and/or virtue

corn \ korn \ n. 1– a small hard particle of seed or grain. 2– a: the seeds of a grass, especially that of an important cereal crop of a particular region. b: the kernels of sweet corn, the vegetable. 3– something, such as writing, illustration, or story telling, which is (or someone who is) optimistically sentimental or rather sappy in nature (being corny). 4– a sophisticatedly cultivated food crop which evolved over the centuries though concerted effort by the locals and that which was a foundational part of many well-established agrarian societies throughout the americas long before europeans first dared to question the religious dogma del giorno to embrace the overwhelming evidence that the earth was round and - due to the on-going abuse of their own resources and being empowered by the freshly reformed religious-centric manifest destiny dogma - ventured out to “discover” the “new world” and claim it in the name of assorted and sundry european royalty and doctrine.

purecorn \ pyurkorn \ n. unqualified belief that... the world is a wonderful place, the resources of this wonderful world are finite, and any economic or cultural system which is based on infinite physical growth is a system which is guaranteed to fail; we, the people - get what we deserve; karma, juju, and the golden rule are powerful forces; there is no way the bad guys can win, unless the collective ”we“ let them; pandora's box is a parable which more should heed. there are both good and bad folks of every ilk, color, creed, sex, and profession; there is no organized religion, bureaucracy, group, nor individual which holds the exclusive insight to all that which is good or evil. last and most importantly... while life should be fun, it is up to each and every individual to make the choices as to whether to be a party to the problems or a party to the solutions. \ pyurkorn dat kam \ n. The internet domain showcasing the individual and collective works of Tanya and George Bredehoft.

Tanya Symons Bredehoft and George Spicer Bredehoft