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The images in this category are photographs. They are grouped into series where appropriate. Since I don't take many photographs these days, most of these images are at least 20 years old.

Due to our society's pervasive dogma, which worships infinite physical growth as the icon of positive economic health, we continue to ignore the negative impacts of continued population growth on our finite physical world. Due to the associated - and increasing - rate of suburbanization, a lot of what is shown here is now unrecognizable - if not gone for our lifetimes.

Just some food for thought about what it is we are doing to ourselves. Not all growth constitutes progress. Significant and sustained progress is only achieved when we reject any dependence on extended physical growth.

kneevos 1970's (page 1)
series of kneeboarding photographs

kneevos 1970's (page 2)
series of kneeboarding photographs

some shots from the 1970's (page 1)
some photographs

some shots from the 1970's (page 2)
some photographs

soap box