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part of the "transitional works" series

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The title of this painting is about finding independence in this overcrowded world. The metaphorical subject is a warm day and a mirror image of a special summertime wave.

The title of this painting is also, I believe, the date of the wedding of a long-time friend of our family. The relevance there is that I finished this painting and sent a print to him and his bride for a wedding present.

As is the case in the vast majority of my earlier paintings, this place "exists" as you see it, only in the painting. While the layered sandstone cliffs in the painting are nearly cartoon in their form, there is a "real" place in Central California (where ever that may be) with a similar setup (except, since it this a mirror image it is a right).

In the 1970's and 80's I used to surf the real spot with good friends on warm summer evenings. While the spot was packed during the day, for a few precious hours after the crowd had hit the long road home, my friends and I would be out by ourselves. We'd surf until the clear, cold, black, water mirrored the brilliance of the summer sky's billions of stars.

Alone, and very much a part of the food chain.

While I do have wonderful memories of sharing great waves with only a few good friends "back in the day", I do not count myself among those who pine endlessly for those "good old days". More importantly, neither do I count myself among those who callously scoff at the folks who offer rational observation about the problems of the ever-increasing crowds.

The world is finite. Period. Running away - whether by ignoring impending crisis, by longing for the old days, or by ignorantly proclaiming the existence of some secret-stash of nearly-infinite undiscovered resources - just depletes our resources, faster.

My paintings depict what it is we are endangering. It is not the world which is in trouble if we don't change our ways... It is us.

Independent thoughts... Think about the title and know the feelings held forth in this painting are always there. The joy of the spot is there for anyone who needs to take a quick trip to the hot little cove, which is a refuge in the sea of summertime wind and fog. Enjoy the crystal clear, ice cold water, the perfect wedging lefts, the omnipresent predators, and fond thoughts of a few good friends.

Feel what can be, and become part of the solution to keep it real.
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