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The 1992 xmas card used a grey scale version of Nice Right.

Nice Right was one of the few paintings I created during the time I was working as the Director of Products for a small Macintosh hardware and software developer in San Diego during the late 1980's and early 1990s.

My stint working in the computer industry began in the mid-eighties, and totally by accident... I was laying in the hot sun on my living room floor in Central California. I was hard at work trying to get warm after a cold spring surf, when my sleep was interrupted by a call from my friend Kirk. He wanted to know if I could help him solve a problem a customer of his was having with his Lisa...

Customer? Huh? Was I dreaming? A year previously Kirk had barely knew how to use a computer, let alone help someone else use one. Now he was telling me he was working in Silicon Valley as a tech support engineer. Being deep in a been-sleeping-in-the-hot-sun stupor, I oh-not-so-very-diplomatically asked "What the hell are YOU doing providing tech support?" Together we solved his customer's problem and the rest of the story is just a small slice of Macintosh third-party developer history.

The next few years were filled with the life-imitates-art microcosms which are deeply embedded into the cutthroat playpen of corporate culture. Our boss was a real prince who was eventually betrayed by some of our colleges who were more interested in corporate power than in developing and supporting good products. Kirk was more-than-excellent at providing tech support and, as our team started falling apart, started his own firm. I moved back to Southern California just weeks prior to the Loma Preita quake to continue working for a third company which I had been promised was going to move to central California. I was rather sorry not to have been "home" for the big event.

No one has a lot of free time when working the 70 and 90 hour weeks which were far too common in that pre-dot-com computer-industry world. What time I did take to paint helped me to maintain a small shred of sanity in that crazy-making environment.

Some have offered that they see Swamis (a world "famous" Southern California surf spot) when they look at this painting. While this is not a painting of Swamis, the influence both evident and understandable: I first surfed Swamis on a somewhat regular basis in the 1960's with my friend Rich. In the many years since then, it has become an on-going and important part of my surfing history. These days it is one of my main spots - me along with hundreds of my best friends.

The setup of the spot in the painting has a slow-but-hollow wave on the outside along with the faster hollow middle section. It is a prototypical Swamis look - on a good day. The cliff, vegetation, and the beach are also rather reminiscent of Swamis. On the other hand, Swamis has no outside point and the spot in the painting is, after all, just a nice right which never gets crowded.

Nice Right was painted in Photoshop. The painting was composited with the Illustrator "peace" file in Photoshop.
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