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B A S 1993


Technically significant, in context of my evolving approach to art, this painting marks my first use of digitized photography, either as a source for a foundational sketch or as part of the final image.

The foreground's cracked mud flats shoreline started as an image from one of Form and Function 's Wraptures CD-ROMs. The texture file was opened in Photoshop and distorted to create the desired plane of the beach. All other elements of the image were painted in Photoshop.

For what it's worth, this is the only painting of mine which used an element or object derived from a commercial source. While I've no problem with folks using royalty-free or licensed source materials in their images, I prefer to use my own source materials. Also, for what it's worth, I was one of the artists who created the tiling textures for the Wraptures CDs. I have no current association with Form and Function.

Foundational to the symbolic significance is the B A S and the 1993 in the painting's title. BAS are the initials of my friend Bruce. Bruce died in the fall of 1993, a few months shy of his 41st birthday. This painting was my tribute to the life and death of Bruce.

The ocean is the source... It is the magic... It is both the end and the beginning...

This painting was my holiday card for the 1993-1994 season. It was printed on a back and white laser printer.
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